Single Sign-On (SSO)

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One-click access to web accounts from NamaChain
Experience the convenience of secured and automatic sign-in to multiple accounts without having to remember countless usernames and passwords.

Improve security and convenience with MySSO

Remembering and keeping track of multiple log-in credentials is frustrating. No surprise, password resets account for up to 50% of all help desk tickets, as stated by Gartner. For the convenience of quick password memory and swift account access, users resort to the easy technique of creating passwords that are similar to each other, exposing themselves to security risks.

For better security, third-party single sign-on systems are used to access multiple systems with a single set of credentials. But centralized SSO databases possess serious problems like a single point of failure, security challenges, and low transparency.

NamaChain’s blockchain-powered single-sign-on solution is developed for web applications. The distributed and transparent system of NamaChain makes the SSO mechanism simpler, convenient, and more secure. Just a single sign-on with Namachain and users can universally access multiple accounts, and apps without having to authenticate multiple times with different credentials.

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The Challenges of Digital Identity

The Challenges of Digital Identity

With rapidly penetrating digitization, it is no surprise that digital identity for one and all has become a critical requirement for both consumers and businesses. Digital IDs that are remotely verifiable can help billions of people unlock access to many opportunities beyond geographical limitations.