Globally compliant and Cost-effective KYC/AML Solution

Verify user identity, check AML status and on-board customers in less than 5 minutes with Namachain KYC/AML solution, designed to reduce operational costs through smart automation processes compliant with regulations in over 200 countries.

Solving inefficiencies in existing KYC/AML processes

Web3 and other new online frontiers such as NFTs, trading platforms, decentralised finance, cryptocurrencies and metaverse are brewing innovations in the digital economy, enticing more people to join in. However, deep-digitization of financial transactions and practices have imposed stricter compliance regulations on financial institutions, as well as customers.

These regulations go beyond simple KYC checks, extending to full AML compliance for each customer depending on their risk level. Businesses attempting to provide their consumers with a fast-tracked digital onboarding experience often encounter friction under stringent KYC/AML regulations that overstretch the timeline of customer onboarding. Over-the-top implementation expenses and heavy default fines further exacerbate the situation.

NamaChain-powered KYC/AML solution is a sustainable identity verification solution that is secure, convenient to use, quick, and compliant with KYC/AML practices of multiple jurisdictions.

Salient Features


Web3 and Self-Sovereign Identity

Web3 and Self-Sovereign Identity

Self-sovereign identity empowers the idea of decentralization in Web3 by giving users the power to exclusively own their digital identity and have absolute right over its sharing in a much more secure way.

The Challenges of Digital Identity

The Challenges of Digital Identity

With rapidly penetrating digitization, it is no surprise that digital identity for one and all has become a critical requirement for both consumers and businesses. Digital IDs that are remotely verifiable can help billions of people unlock access to many opportunities beyond geographical limitations.