A Secure Gateway Into Your Digital Life

A Universal Key & ID manager, fully decentralized and with zero-knowledge offline authentication

Compatible with


Universal Identity

A single identity to securely log into everything digital: web2 and web3

User Managed

Only users have full control of their keys and can generate their keys whenever they are needed.

Portable & Interoperable

Users can sync all their devices and they can access their apps and dApps from any of their devices. In addition, NamaChain can interact with any protocol and web2 and web3 platforms.

Encrypted & Isolated Security

Every piece of users’ private data is encrypted with a key that no one, not even NamaChain, can access.

Single sign-on

Use Qipass Sign-in to sign in to any supported Web2 or Web3 platforms

Easy password resets

Never get locked out of your accounts or wallet because with NamaChain, password resets are a breeze

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NamaChain Solutions

Benefits of using
NamaChain Solutions

Heightened security & Privacy

Securely Access all your Wallets, Apps, Dapps from any Device with Qipass

Easy Onboarding

Biometric, Social Login, and offline Username/Password login makes it hassle-free user interface


Users can manage and access their entire digital life from NamaChain

Fully decentralized

Non-custodial, user-centric solution ensure user has full control

NamaChain can facilitate any use case in web2 and web3.

Lets make our digital world more secure and accessible for everyone.


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