NamaChain Phantom Key Protocols

Security-prioritized disruptive key management protocols

Redefine user experience, privacy, and security for your users with our novel key management protocols, designed to promote greater adoption of Web3, cryptocurrencies, and DeFi. Our suite of Phantom protocols is an innovation to eliminate the hassles of keys and wallet extensions, centralized storing and unauthorized sharing of keys, and security compromises on the domino effect.

How KYC/AML Is Going to Become a Priority for Decentralized Transactions

Bridging the user experience gap between Web2 and Web3

Web3 decentralized platforms are gaining traction among tech-savvy users by providing advantages such as privacy, transparency, and anonymity. However, these platforms are yet to gain mass adoption among average users. The complex user experience (UX) manifested in the form of public key infrastructure, wallet extensions, seed phrases, etc., is the key barrier slowing the adoption of Web3 apps.

To address this problem of ‘mass adoption’, NamaChain has architected a suite of disruptive security-prioritized key management protocols. These protocols compartmentalize users’ data by securing each piece of data with unique keys that are generated at runtime, managed without being stored anywhere on the device or server, and deleted when the user logs off.


Web3 and Self-Sovereign Identity

Web3 and Self-Sovereign Identity

Self-sovereign identity empowers the idea of decentralization in Web3 by giving users the power to exclusively own their digital identity and have absolute right over its sharing in a much more secure way.

The Challenges of Digital Identity

The Challenges of Digital Identity

With rapidly penetrating digitization, it is no surprise that digital identity for one and all has become a critical requirement for both consumers and businesses. Digital IDs that are remotely verifiable can help billions of people unlock access to many opportunities beyond geographical limitations.